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Pure Water for Industrial & Automotive Applications:

Diesel Generators New Zealand manufacture highly purified PH neutral de-ionized (DI) Water for industrial applications. Our Water is independantly Lab tested and filtered on our Premises using the latest technology and the following process:

De-ionized Water is used in the following applications:

Our main use of DI Water is for automotive and Generator applications. Council Tap, Rain Tank and Well water contain minerals and chemicals which are corrosive to the metal components found in engines cooling systems and form scale over a period of time. Since DI Water is free of any particles, it is safe to use in cooling systems and will prevent corrosion and flow obstructions.

The same can be said of Lead Acid Batteries found in automotive, industrial and marine installations. Filling and topping up with DI Water is essential to maximize the lifespan of Batteries as it does not contain minerals that will corrode or build up on the internal metal components.

DE-ionized Water in IBC Tote  DE-ionized Water in 200 Litre Drums  DE-ionized Water in 20 Litre Drums

Water is sold in high strength 20 Litre Plastic Drums and can be Couriered nationally (Non DG).
Drums all come with a Bung to accommodate an optional Valve for easy dispensing of smaller quantities.

Higher volumes in 200 Litre Drums or 1000 Litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) can be supplied on request (we only supply new containers).
A container exchange service is available to reduce costs (conditions apply).

MSDS supplied.

We recommend Ezi-action Drum Pumps http://www.nzpump.com/


No. Rainwater gets its composition largely by dissolving particulate materials in the atmosphere when droplets of water nucleate on atmospheric particulates, and secondarily by dissolving gasses from the atmosphere. Rainwater compositions vary geographically and can contain quantities of Salt plus CO2 and gaseous acids (SO3, NO2) and bases (NH3).


No. Boiling does not remove any of the Water's Ion or chemical content. The Steam has to be condensed and the associated cooled Water collected to be free from dissolved minerals and Ion's.


Deionized Water is a very "hungry" Acid, however, it's hunger is very easily satisfied. DI Water fresh from a DI Column will easily be >15 MΩ resistivity.
Once exposed to Air, DI water will quickly absorb CO2, satisfying its acidity and reducing its resistivity very quickly. Once it leaves the system, it very quickly drops down to approximately 1 MΩ which is typical. It is also true that it will lose resistivity the moment it comes in contact with any container due to any inherent contaminants. This is particularly noticeable in Plastic, low grade Stainless Steel or ferrous Metal containers. Good quality, sealed, Glass containers are best.


   16/10/2019 - Repco, 4L, $9.99, ex delivery.

   16/10/2019 - Supercheap Auto, 2L, $7.09, ex delivery.

   16/10/2019 - Supercheap Auto, 5L, $10.99, ex delivery.

   16/10/2019 - Supercheap Auto, 2.5L, $10.99, ex delivery.

   16/10/2019 - Repco, 20L, $43.50, ex delivery.

   25/10/2018 - Crown Forklifts, 20L, $63.09, ex delivery.

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