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Generator, Transformer, Cable & Accessory Rental:

DGNZ and our affiliated partners have Generator rental Depots in Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland and service a large portion of the North Island with more than 80 hire units of various sizes in stock. We rent all Generators above 40kVA. This is the rental Generator area we service:

This is the area we service

Diesel Generators NZ Ltd (DGNZ) offers a comprehensive range of well maintained, dependable Diesel Generators for short or long term rental, including accompanying equipment and services required for an end to end power solution. Regardless of whether you call it a Diesel Generator, Emergency Generator or Backup Generator, we provide complete end to end solutions for backup and temporary power solutions.

We supply most of the North Island and other areas in New Zealand and the Pacific depending on rental application and duration. Typical applications include constructions sites, planned and unplanned power outages, shows and events, temporary accommodation, healthcare and disaster relief. Our solutions and services have proven to be highly competitive within the rental power generation market regardless of whether it's a domestic, infrastructure, industrial, healthcare, retail, Oil, Gas or mining type applications.

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We can supply Generators ranging from 10kVA to 2.2MVA, in stand alone or sychronous (parallel) configuration. Our rental Generators are available as fully serviced "dry" or "wet hire" options with all cabling accessories to allow a complete operating package. With delivery, commissioning, de-commissioning and ongoing technical support during operations, you can trust DGNZ for a full turnkey rental solution. All units are silenced to minimize sound pollution and fulfil all HSNO requirements. We provide a 24 Hour delivery service via our fleet of towable, Trailer mounted Generators, or Skid mounted units delivered by HIAB Trucks.


50 kVA - Single Phase - (400-230) Volt.
75 kVA - 3 Phase - (400-220) Volt.
100 kVA - 3 Phase - (400-1000) Volt.
2000 kVA - 3 Phase - (400-11000) Volt.
11kv - Not Switch or Switched - (400-1000) Volt.

All Transformers are open and fully integrated with Switchgear and protection functions. All are multi-Tap allowing a wide range of use across industry, utilities, construction and food & beverage.

Leads & Cable Sets:

12.5 Meter - 10, 32, 63 120 Amp (10 Amp Leads are Single Phase, all others are Three Phase).
25.0 Meter - 10, 16, 32, 63 Amp. (10 Amp Leads are Single Phase, all others are Three Phase).

Cable Sets:

12.5 Meter - 35mm, 63mm, 120mm, 240mm.
25.0 Meter - 16mm, 35mm, 120mm, 240mm.

Distribution Panels:

35 Amp Distribution Box.
63 Amp Distribution Box.
120 Amp Distribution Box.

Portable power distribution providing temporary power solutions for your project.
Each unit is supplied with a range of outlets to suit most requirements from single phase 230 Volt to three phase 400 Volt Outlets.
All Socket outlets are RCCB protected to provide personal safety protection.

Nomad Power Distribution:

10 Amp Nomad Power Unit.
32 Amp Nomad Power Unit.
63 Amp Nomad Power Unit.

Each Nomad can be interconnected together providing a flexible system handling the most demanding of sites.

Cable Ramps:

Perfect for protecting Cables in high traffic areas.

Other Equipment:

Pumps and associated Piping, Flow Meters etc.
Lighting Towers.
Pontoons and Fish Screens.
Load Banks.

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