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Generator Installation, Removal, Relocation, Upgrade and Modification.

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Fuel System Maintenance and Fuel Conditioning Services.

Load Bank Rental and Electrical Load Testing.

Load Bank tests assure facility managers that their Generators will perform at 100% of their rating. The absence of regular Load Bank testing dramatically increases the potential risk of Generator failure during an emergency.

Load Bank testing should be a regular part of a Generator maintenance program to avoid mechanical failure caused by extreme stress on the Engine and other components when used in a power outage. This include wet stacking and carbon buildup which are both highly detrimental to Generator health.

Transport, Delivery and Crane Hire.

We offer a full turnkey site solution including delivery via Side Loader, towable Trailer mounted Generators or those requiring a Crane.

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HSNO (Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Regulations) - Diesel Fuel Systems For Generator Applications.

Contact us for the design, installation and certification of HSNO Diesel Generator fuel storage and transfer systems. These systems can be either stand alone or an integrated fuel storage and transfer solution as part of a wider project or Generator installation such as a high-rise building. Systems can be fully automated and maintained as part of the Generator system. All our bunded fuel Tanks are double skinned as standard and all systems including Pumps, Piping, Valves and safety systems can be installed to comply with various Country regulations.

Galvanized Breather Pipe  Generator & Tank install  Underground fireproof Tank  Weld Flanges  HSNO Fuel Piping

Diesel Bulk Piping  Fuel Locker Door  Fuel Locker front view  Fuel Locker rear view

Fuel Locker side view  Fuel Locker Tank detail  Installed Fuel Locker  Fuel Locker Exterior

Fuel delivery and management.

As an additional service, DGNZ can manage your Diesel fuel on your behalf.
Fuel can be delivered to site on request or as part of a fully managed fuel maintenance service.

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